Downloadable PDF Files

The January 1926 Issue

The January 1926 Issue

Original Page Scans

Eliot and Woolf’s articles from the January 1926 issue of The New Criterion are available here as a PDF. The page images of the PDF reproduce how the journal looked in its original print, and the text is fully searchable and selectable. “The Idea of a Literary Review” and “On Being Ill” are available to download individually, in the same format, by clicking here, on Eliot and Woolf.

Plain Text

You can also download a PDF of both articles without the original page images, but with selectable text that closely reflects the original issue’s typography and layout. To download this PDF, click here. Again, the articles in this format are available separately by clicking here, on Eliot and Woolf.

Additional Material

As a bonus, advertisements from the back of the issue have been included for interest and context. Download and view a PDF of them by clicking here. For more on the background of this issue, see the related page.


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